Electric Safari Vehicles? Yes please ⚡

Watt on EARTH is happening? Well this is exciting to see; green, sustainable energy being utilised within tourism. It’s a sign of more things to come and Better Safaris 💚 to see this. What is green energy and why we should invest in it? Safari camps across Africa have for many years, been eco-conscious andContinue reading “Electric Safari Vehicles? Yes please ⚡”

Safari: A Vegan Paradise

Possibly the best vegan travel experience in the world! As vegans, Better Safaris understand that familiar questions which we all have when travelling, whether to a local town or to the opposite ends of the world. Can I eat vegan here? The answer isn’t only an emphatic YES, but it’s quite possibly the easiest, mostContinue reading “Safari: A Vegan Paradise”

Coffee For Gorillas?

Saving Gorillas one sip at a time! You may know by now that we love animals, so when an initiative comes along that helps them, we’re all for it. One such effort is the amazing Gorilla Conservation Coffee, from Ugandan conservationist Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, which aims to not only assist conservation of the endangered MountainContinue reading “Coffee For Gorillas?”

Are you Remembering Wild Dogs?

Latest fundraising coffee table photo book from Remembering Wildlife The sixth book in the highly acclaimed Remembering Wildlife series of charity books: The sixth book in the fundraising Remembering Wildlife series, focusses on African Wild Dogs and features images by over 70 of the world’s top wildlife photographers including Greg du Toit, Daryl Balfour, FransContinue reading “Are you Remembering Wild Dogs?”

Safari During Covid? A big YES!

What to expect when travelling during Covid-19 It seems as if the world has been on pause for 18 months, but with countries re-opening to travellers and Covid-19 restrictions easing, we have some welcomed sunsets on the horizon – making 2022 the year for your bucketlist dream trip to Africa. The basics – we allContinue reading “Safari During Covid? A big YES!”

Success for Lewa Education Programme

Even more Lewa Education Programme (LEP) supported students will be going to university than ever before! Every year, the Lewa Education Programme enrols high-performing students from neighbouring primary schools and supports them throughout their secondary education via sponsorship and mentorship. Over the past 5 years, the number of students attaining the university pass-mark has been increasing with each graduating class, fromContinue reading “Success for Lewa Education Programme”