Sunday Safari: Where To Find Lions?

Place yourself in Africa and hear the mighty roar of a lion Travelling can have many questions; where to go for this, that or the other. When travelling to Africa, wanting to view your favourite animal is a common question we get from our clients. Lions, forever seen as an animal of dominance, pride andContinue reading “Sunday Safari: Where To Find Lions?”

How To Better Your Wildlife Photography

Understanding your subject + thinking outside the box can get you results Photography is a journey, you are always improving, understanding, learning and capturing different images as you progress your photographic journey. After all, isn’t that part of the fun? Whether you photograph local wildlife, or love to travel, understanding the principles of photography isContinue reading “How To Better Your Wildlife Photography”

How Eco Tourism Contributes to Local Healthcare & Education

Travel should not purely be about oneself, but about the impact of your travel Here at Better Safaris, we don’t believe in travelling for travelling sake, but about how we travel to more positively impact our world, ethically, responsibly and sustainably. One dimension to our travel is by ensuring that an impact is made withinContinue reading “How Eco Tourism Contributes to Local Healthcare & Education”

What Makes Us Ethical?

Words like sustainability, ethical and conservation can often be used by companies to “green wash” their true agenda’s Make no mistake, it can be a difficult task to understand which travel company to book with, which foods to buy and which service company to support. So it’s vital that as consumers of any product orContinue reading “What Makes Us Ethical?”

5 Nature Documentaries to Watch Now on Disney+

Inspiring content encourages us to reconnect with nature There is no end to documentaries to watch, whether you’re into history, films, video games, or like us passionate about our natural world. Documentaries can be both enlightening and be used as a tool for good when they are done well. Better Safaris CEO Paul Tully hasContinue reading “5 Nature Documentaries to Watch Now on Disney+”

What’s the Deal? Elephants and Conservation

Saving animals is no mean feat in the wilds of Africa We all love elephants, don’t we? Of course we do. We’ve travelled far as a species, from when it was “acceptable” to naively support elephants exploited in brutally cruel circuses, to ensuring their survival in the wild. The general public have become far moreContinue reading “What’s the Deal? Elephants and Conservation”

5 Alternative Safaris To Try In 2022

Taking you off the beaten track… Now is your chance to try something new, refreshing and adventurous. Get out of your comfort zone, or simply settle straight into your domain. Whatever your fancy, you’ll be assured of an action-packed experience in Africa, a safari of your dreams. With so many experiences available in Africa, itContinue reading “5 Alternative Safaris To Try In 2022”

Kenya Crowned Africa’s Top Safari

Kenya remains a world-leading safari destination in 2021, according to the World Travel Awards The announcement that Kenya was once again crowned Africa’s leading safari destination, was made on Thursday at the World Travel Awards grand final winners’ day, held to celebrate excellence in travel and tourism. Kenya Tourism Board CEO Betty Radier described theContinue reading “Kenya Crowned Africa’s Top Safari”

UK Scraps Red List; Africa is Open!

The United Kingdom has removed 11 African countries from red-list As of Wednesday 15 December, Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, are removed from the notorious UK red-list of countries affected by travel restrictions. The UK red-list was reintroduced in November as precaution after the emergence of theContinue reading “UK Scraps Red List; Africa is Open!”

A Living “Shell” For Nature

Oil & gas exploration off South Africa’s coast is wilful ignorance and greed Sign these two petitions: Oceans Not Oil and Greenpeace Climate impact (climate change) affects everyone, but it’s often the unseen that suffers the consequences long before we humans catch a glimpse with our own eyes. Exploration for new oil and gas resourcesContinue reading “A Living “Shell” For Nature”