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Planning better safaris for wildlife, people, our planet, and for you!
By people passionate for conservation, humanitarianism, and our clients!

BETTER SAFARIS is an all-new tour company from safari and travel expert Paul Tully and his filmmaker/writer partner Karen Belfo. British by birth, Paul has spent the past 20 years in the retail world and the past 15 years within the travel industry, the past decade of which has been focussed within the African travel industry, designing safaris and bespoke travel itineraries for clients around the world. Paul’s industry knowledge comes directly from Africa; living in South Africa and utilising his working relationships on-the-ground and across the African continent. Paul now establishes an exciting independent travel company that ensures spectacular travel experiences, whilst highlighting the need to travel sustainably & consciously.


Paul assisted production on 2018 wildlife documentary STROOP: The War On Rhino Poaching and has worked with various conservation NGO’s and campaign efforts for wildlife. Paul’s efforts have been noted in various publications, including the 2016 biography ‘My Lion’s Heart’ by wildlife conservationist Gareth Patterson.

Pictured: Paul (right) with wildlife filmmaker Warren Samuels on safari in Kenya


Our logo pays homage to Africa’s ‘Super Tuskers’.

Super Tusker elephants have almost been wiped off the African continent due to excessive trophy hunting and poaching for the ivory trade. The lives of these elephants are fraught with danger. They are preyed on constantly by poachers due to the astronomical value of just one of their tusks.


Better Safaris creates safari itineraries for any dream bucketlist adventure to Africa; including;

  • budget camping
  • walking and/or water focussed safaris
  • private safaris
  • luxury safari lodges
  • special offers
  • sustainable and ethical
  • world-class service


We specialise in Eastern & Southern Africa. In real terms this means Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe. You can visit and make the most of one country, or you can combine two countries for a longer, more immersive safari experience.

Exciting new destinations such as the Republic of Congo and Malawi are also offered and are some of the most raw, natural experiences one can visit.


We don’t just talk about travel – we’re here to help you travel sustainably, consciously and ethically, whilst getting the most out of your vacation;

  • seeing the best wildlife (free from hunters)
  • experiencing the best guides
  • tasting the best food & drink (vegan friendly)
  • witnessing the best sunrises & sunsets
  • going home with the best memories

You’re worth so much to us, that we will never charge any booking fees!


No one is more passionate about sustainable travel, Africa and wildlife than Better Safaris. Paul & Karen have been vegan for several years now (and loving every bite), they have campaigned for wildlife and humanitarian issues and continue through Better Safaris to try and make the world a better place.

The future is bright with Better Safaris, our planet and our customers.


Animals, people and our planet are important to us. So it’s critically important that when we travel, we think about these things. As a company, we’re founded on the belief that when we travel, we can help. Our philosophy means that our customers are directly making a positive impact on the animal, people and places they visit.


Better Safaris will make monetary contributions through our Better World Contribution that focusses on three key areas – wildlife conservation, humanitarianism and environment. This includes a donation of US$30 per person on every customer invoice towards THREE charitable projects ($10 towards each charity) that are close to our heart.

These projects, initiatives, and the individuals behind them, need all the help they can get, their vital work isn’t something we all get to witness or even do ourselves. If these charity projects mean something to you also, we would love your assistance through our Better World Contribution.


Operation Hunger is a South African based charity spanning 40 years that uses positive action in the fight against malnutrition in South Africa’s homes, schools and communities. Some of Operation Hunger’s projects include water access, wellness, gardening and nutrition. Operation Hunger uses their model to eliminate barriers to attaining healthy diets and lives.

Learn more about & help Operation Hunger and their great work, visit their website here


Established in 2011, Mara Elephant Project (MEP) envisions the existence of a stable elephant population co-existing peacefully with people across the Greater Mara Ecosystem (GME). Their 10 years of experience using the MEP Method of boots on the ground rangers and applied research all while taking a collaborative approach has disrupted poaching in the region and combatted conflict and habitat loss.

Lean more about & help Mara Elephant Project and the fight against poaching, visit their website here


The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and their manager Jim Beach in memory of Queen’s iconic lead singer FREDDIE MERCURY who died in 1991 from AIDS related causes. Funding goes direct to grassroots organisations. More than 93p in each UK£ raised goes to funding projects across the globe and in total, MPT has funded over 1,500 projects in 57 countries, giving away over 17 million dollars in the global battle against AIDS.

To learn more about & help the battle against AIDS/HIV, visit the trust’s website here

We realise that many people already graciously donate to and assist existing charities and so the Better Safaris Better World Contribution is 100% voluntary and may be removed at the discretion of our customers. We completely understand and THANK YOU for your existing charitable efforts.


How Better Safaris are playing our part to tackle climate change


Our latest non-profit conservation safari visits Kenya in support of Mara Elephant Project

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