6 Great Ways to Save $$$’s on Safari

One of the major common hurdles when planning a vacation, is money, and that’s particularly true when it comes to planning a safari.

Safaris, in our opinion, are not meant to be cheap, they are in fact a necessary part of our approach to tourism to promote & increase sustainability and help finance conservation. The cheapening of any product, whether it be travel or the products you purchase in a supermarket, often involves (or motivates) an increase in the sales of that product – which is what most companies want to see, and this ultimately can only be achieved by cheapening labour costs and lowering the benefits towards staff and suppliers. In this case safaris; if the industry were to cheapen the cost of a safari, funding would reduce and to recover those losses in income, increases would need to be made in how many tourists could visit – thus increasing the risk of over-tourism and lessening any potential of conservation, sustainability and benefit to local communities.

To combat over-tourism and to help drive funding for conservation and community incentives, safaris have taken the approach to help ensure benefits for all; this includes;

  • the building of permanent and semi-permanent safari camps with low environmental impact (ie holding between 3-25 guest rooms/tents)
  • installation of solar panels and electric safari vehicles (many of the camps we offer to our clients are 100% solar powered)
  • employing local people as accommodation staff and safari guides
  • park fees to assist anti-poaching units and maintenance of the parks
  • conservation fees to assist local wildlife NGO’s, health & school charities and more

A safari can be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for many and we don’t encourage travellers to fly more than 2-3 times per year. So spending good money on a safari isn’t only about enjoying oneself and taking photos, it’s about being a responsible traveller and factoring in all of the above points on sustainability.

Better Safaris are here to help, so here’s 6 great ways to help alleviate your budget and get the most out of your perfect experience in Africa…

1. Travel in low and mid-season.

You may sometimes be in the position that you can’t avoid travelling within high season, such as school holidays as a parent. However, if you can avoid travelling during peak times such as July-October, then you have the opportunity to save money.

Countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana are based around seasonal changes, with high season being July-October. In Kenya and Tanzania for example, high season is dry and hot, with animals heading to watering holes that help make sightings a little easier for travellers. Elsewhere in Botswana, July-October sees the height of the seasonal flood waters in Okavango Delta – an ideal time for Mokoro (dug out canoe) and fantastic birding.

However, low and mid-seasons such as winter, spring and late autumn are superb times for safari. In Tanzania, the great migration of wildebeest and zebra is a never ending, year-round event, where travellers can view magnificent herds during their calving season (February-March) in Serengeti, that sees young babies galore… and the awaiting eyes of local predators.

The cycle of breeding also has its advantages for safari goers. Lions and other predators typically give birth early in the year (low and mid-season), giving you marvellous sightings of lion cubs, cheetah kittens and more.

+ beat the crowds of high season travel!

2. Make use of special offers.

Special offers are a fantastic way to save and are commonly offered during low and mid season, but year round offers also exist at many safari camps throughout Africa that Better Safaris work with. Offers can change between seasons but typically include reductions for guests such as free nights when you book extended stays, percentage discounts, free child places for family travel, free internal flights to the camps and more.

3. Book in advance.

We cannot stress this one enough. Availability is key when planning a safari and we recommend planning your safari anywhere from 6 months to 18 months in advance.

Because we believe in sustainability, many of the safari camps we offer our clients are environmentally conscious, low impact, with only a handful of guest rooms available at any one camp (anywhere between 3 – 25 rooms). As one example, the infamous Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya (you’ll know the one from those Instagram posts of guests feeding giraffe and giraffe joining you over breakfast), is an extremely popular hotel with limited rooms – Giraffe Manor is typically sold out 12-16 months in advance.

Better Safaris have a range of options in most destinations to ensure we plan the right safari for you and within your time frame. So it’s critical that you consider where you want to experience or stay, as that can often determine when or where you can travel.

4. No single supplements in low and mid-season travel.

Solo travellers can also reap the rewards during low and mid-season, with many safari camps not charging single supplements during this time. But best to avoid high season travel to side-step those pesky single supplements.

5. Share a room rather than book single tents.

Safari tents can be very spacious (and in our opinion, more comfortable than hotels) but in general are equipped either as a twin or queen bed arrangement. If you are travelling as a family, group or three, then there are great options at most safari camps to add additional 3rd beds into rooms or provide family specific tents with adjoining rooms to keep everyone together.

6. Save 25% with our December special.

Book with Better Safaris in December 2022 and we’ll give you a massive 25% OFF your booking. Enquire today and let us create the most amazing journey.

What more could you ask for? Start planning today.

Dreaming of Africa?

Plan your safari today with the safari specialists, Better Safaris. Contact us using the form below or email us here

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