World Ranger Day; Remembering & Honouring

Celebrating and Honouring those who selfishly serve our natural world

World Ranger Day is celebrated on 31 July to commemorate Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty and to celebrate the work Rangers do to protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

Spread across the globe and working on a variety of issues, rangers are integral to conservation, but also local communities, tourism and habitats.

The International Ranger Federation defines a Ranger as “the person involved in the practical protection and preservation of all aspects of wild areas, historical and cultural sites. Rangers provide recreational opportunities and interpretation of sites while providing links between local communities, protected areas and area administration.”

Rangers in action © Mara Elephant Project

Rangers in Action

The huge task for Rangers cannot be underestimated, with poaching still an ever present threat, there are a multitude of other concerning issues including the illegal bush meat trade which sees thousands of animals directly and indirectly impacted by snares. Rangers are often the first point of contact for poachers.

Better Safaris are pleased to support Mara Elephant Project, as part of our vision at promoting and engaging travellers in conservation. Mara Elephant Project was established in 2011 and envisions the existence of a stable elephant population co-existing peacefully with people across the Greater Mara Ecosystem (GME). Their 10 years of experience using the MEP Method of boots on the ground rangers and applied research all while taking a collaborative approach has disrupted poaching in the region and combatted conflict and habitat loss.

The ramifications that Rangers face are ten-fold and place their lives on the line in order to carry out their role. Only this past week we have seen the tragic consequences that Rangers suffer, as South African game ranger Anton Mzimba, who fought poaching efforts over the years to keep wildlife safe, was shot and killed. Sadly Anton isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last, as the war on poaching continues across the globe.

Click here to listen to a podcast featuring Anton Mzimba – Life of a ranger at the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, on Apple Podcasts.

Rhino relocation initiative © AndBeyond/Rhinos Without Borders

How you can help Rangers today

Travellers can today interact with Rangers during their safari. Pre-planned tours with anti-poaching units, K9 patrols, de-snaring initiatives and more, can be arranged to help give people important insight into a Ranger’s everyday life. In fact, for every guest heading on safari, proceeds and monetary contributions through safari bookings, park fees and conservation levies go to supporting Rangers in the field – supporting their work directly, but also their families and communities.

On 17 September, wildlife ranger teams will unite for the 2022 Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a half marathon taking place around the world with one goal: to raise money to support the men and women on the front line of Africa’s protected areas. As well as raising money for front line conservation efforts, this pan-African sporting event aims to raise awareness of the increasingly diverse role of wildlife rangers at a time when resources are more thinly stretched than ever before.

You may also wish to contribute donations to charity organisations that support Rangers, below are a select few of our favourites which we have worked with;

Mara Elephant Project
Wildlife Ranger Challenge
Watch STROOP: Journey Into The Rhino Horn War

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