Professional Artists Capturing Our Natural World: UK EDITION

Art (pencil, paint, charcoal or other) has the power to convey wildlife like no other artistic form

Capturing nature through any format of art, whether it’s through photography, film, paint or charcoal, is an opportunity to harness the power of visual beauty and enables the artists’ mind and eye to portray our planets’ natural beauty in a way no other art form can.

Better Safaris CEO Paul Tully explains how artistic hands can contribute to advocacy and conservation efforts;

“I’ve campaigned for wildlife through my advocacy for African lions bred and exploited in captivity in South Africa within the canned hunting industry. I’ve also seen through my work with rhino poaching documentary STROOP, how imagery is everything, even the graphic imagery that can be difficult to look at but as equally important to see and understand why it’s happening. Every art form can aid awareness and raise crucial funding for conservation projects. The beauty of art however is very much different, as unlike photography which can capture both magical and tragic moments, art can capture a purity of the subject, in an ideal world, how nature should be and that’s a beautiful thing to see with these artists we’re featuring today.”

As part of our appreciation, love and respect for wildlife, we’d love to introduce you to some amazing UK artists, all unique in their own right, who are showcasing wildlife with their outstanding work. Like much of what we do here at Better Safaris, these artists have a passion for conservation which feeds into their incredible pieces of art and in most instances, contribute to conservation – this has become a critical funding course for many conservation projects, as our natural world becomes ever more precious.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces of art.

Do you enjoy art and are you an artist yourself? Let us know.

Zoe Fitchet

Zoe Fitchet is a wildlife artist from the South of England, who uses her work to raise awareness and support wildlife conservation projects around the world. Working in acrylic or coloured pencil, Zoe creates lifelike portraits of wild animals, predominantly African wildlife. 

“I love to challenge myself to achieve realism in my work. I want the viewer to feel as though the portrait could take a breath at any moment, by creating lifelike detail which allows them to see and appreciate the beauty of each animal, and why it is so important to protect them.”

You can support Zoe’s work by visiting her website and follow Zoe on Instagram

Alex Fleming

Alex creates realistic art for a living and in his words “I like the challenge of it. In trying to do a subject justice as it stands, it’s very fulfilling when I get it right.”

“I might alter the odd thing in an artistic rendition, but it’ll be subtle, and rare (if ever). The real and natural world is immensely interesting to me already, so I leave imagined alternatives to those more skilled in and appreciative of them. Nature covers a gamut of size, colour, personality and beauty I find should be worthy of anyone’s attention.  It’s also constantly changing, largely for the worse, which is why 10% of all my wildlife sale profits go to selected wildlife charities.”

Alex been influenced by several others, including Paul Cadden, Charlotte Vovan, Dylan Eakin, Cath Riley, J.D. Hillberry, Clare Parkes and Kelvin Okafor.

You can support Alex’s work by visiting his website and follow Alex on Instagram

Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams is an entirely self-taught and award-winning British Wildlife artist.

In her early 20s, Charlotte spent several years in South Africa living out in the ‘bush’, and it was here that her lifelong passion for art, animals and the wild collided and where she passed many hundreds of hours wandering, observing, understanding, and sketching all that she saw – the spark of her career today.

Each of Charlotte’s meticulous artworks aims to capture the soul and spirit of her subjects from behind the eyes, as if they were living and breathing before you.  Her appreciation of wild animals, coupled with her deep knowledge of form and structure, enable her to create paintings and drawings that are perfection in their detail and wholly authentic.

Charlotte is a signature member of Artists for Conservation, dedicated to the cause and raises funds through her work, for many projects around the globe. She is represented by numerous people, including the prestigious London and Sussex based gallery Rountree Tryon and has exhibited at, amongst others, Masterpiece Art and Gallery Different in London.

You can support Charlotte’s work by visiting her website and follow Charlotte on Instagram

Pack your pencils, paint brushes and charcoals for the wild

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