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Creating sustainable adventures that positively impact our planet

Better Safaris are thrilled to officially unveil our World Escapes

This unique collection of sustainable world adventures, falls into Better Safaris’ philosophy of sustainability, conservation and importantly, pushing boundaries within the travel sector in striving for better. For too long, we feel that travelling has been a profit making endeavour with no accountability towards sustainability and ensuring that our footprint leaves a lasting legacy of positive impact on the people, places and wildlife we meet.

Better Safaris also call upon travellers to modify their travel behaviour – when they travel, where they travel and the type of travel experience they book. Placing nature in our travel perspective is crucial for sustainable practices to truly have the impact we all desire, as is the perspective of local people, habitat and animals. Creating a world for future generations to also enjoy.

“sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

UN World Commission on Environment and Development

Swimming with Whale Sharks, Australia

While the concept of sustainability is a relatively new idea, the movement as a whole has roots in social justice, conservationism, internationalism and other past movements with rich histories.

There are many ways in which we can travel sustainably, yet partake in memorable adventures that set our heart on fire (figuratively speaking of course). For example, travelling to less visiting destinations with fewer tourists that results in a less negative impact, is a great way to limit your footprint in return for exciting experiences – such as swimming with Whale Sharks in Australia

In conjunction to this, is the ability of sustainable tourism to contribute significantly to wildlife conservation. Whether through park fees or conservation levies in national parks and private reserves worldwide, which have increased in popularity in recent years as a sound way to financially aid conservation projects. Many of the accommodations, parks and facilities Better Safaris operate with are already ahead of the game, often instigating their own non-profit foundations to work side-by-side with the tourism part of their operation.

Take Churchill Wild for example, operators of Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in Churchill, Canada, who have been working with renewable energy sources, environmentally sound guest experiences to limit travellers’ footprint, proper waste management, right down to culinary delights that limit our harm the planet.

Another fine example of this approach towards conservation is Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in South Africa, who have fine-tuned environmentalism within tourism. Through their Grootbos Foundation, the team are empowering others through ecotourism, enterprise development, sports development and education. Meaning that the guests at Grootbos aren’t just giving back to maintaining an ecosystem, it’s literally part of a guests’ experience. Whilst here, guests can enjoy the thrill of a shark cage dive with our friends at Marine Dynamics. Located in nearby Gansbaai, the coastal waters here are some of the best in the world for shark viewing, but it’s the work of Marine Dynamics that makes these activities conservation orientated, who strive to provide travellers with the utmost conservation oriented and respect ethos offered on the market.

Shark Cage Diving, South Africa

Travel has long been an industry affected by cheapening. By this we mean how the tourism product has been lowered in price to satisfy a growing market of travellers. Whilst lower costs can be good, it can also have a negative impact such as over-tourism, limited funds for things like conservation and employment benefits for local people – just three critical components of tourism too often forgotten or looked over by tour companies and tourists.

Better Safaris CEO Paul Tully says; “Before working in Africa for the past decade, I previously worked for one of the largest travel companies in the world (TUI) and I have seen first-hand the limited scope that such companies provide travellers. There’s simply no education going on regarding wildlife conservation and sustainable travel and that has been a harmful policy of the tourism industry for too long. We have to change the status quo, the mindset of selling for selling sake. That isn’t why Better Safaris exists, we’re here for our clients and for the planet.”

“Travellers can experience the world ethically, it’s possible. But companies such as ourselves, have to do better that what has gone before to properly educate tourists, both on how to travel sustainably and the benefits of travelling ethically.”

Better Safaris CEO Paul Tully

Creating truly sustainable safaris and travel experiences is a great thing, which is why we have developed our collection of Better Safaris World Escapes. The lasting impact that one can have should be known to travellers, after-all, it’s your money that you’re spending, wouldn’t you like to know that your money goes to protecting our planet? Because of this, we believe touching new destinations is a fantastic way to travel sustainably… with one eye on avoiding over-tourism. New destinations such as Greenland and Antarctica is phenomenal, cherish places on earth that very few get the chance to experience.

This isn’t travel for travel sake, but a focussed outlook towards an ethical, morally justified approach to safeguarding mother nature with as limited an impact from humans as possible.

Whilst having the time of your life!

Spending time with Emperor Penguins, Antarctica

Plan your trip to the world today with Better Safaris

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