What Makes Us Ethical?

Words like sustainability, ethical and conservation can often be used by companies to “green wash” their true agenda’s

Make no mistake, it can be a difficult task to understand which travel company to book with, which foods to buy and which service company to support. So it’s vital that as consumers of any product or service, that we research before we buy and that includes ourselves, Better Safaris.

We are proud to be who we are and wear our hearts on our sleeves, something that not enough companies do in today’s world.

So, how exactly are we ethical?

1. Our experience sets us apart

You want to book your safari with experts and that’s exactly what we are. Paul has worked in the African tourism industry for the past decade and prior to that worked with one of the world’s largest travel companies. He has arranged safaris across Africa, from budget camping experiences, to luxury safari lodges and unique escapes.

We understand our destinations, who does what, how to avoid trophy hunting areas, where the best food is, the finest guides in Africa and how to get there. Paul’s understanding of Africa and safari ensures that we stay away from unethical practices, fake tourism set-ups (such as captive animals used and abused for profit) and focus on the most ethical, sustainable travel you can get.

There are thousands of safari camps and lodges across Africa and hundreds of national parks and private reserves & concessions. It’s extremely difficult to understand which may be best for you; where is best to see lions or elephants or wild dogs or mountain gorillas, which place is best for landscape photography, or perhaps animal migrations to witness? Which is where we help you, we already know all of this information.

Paul on safari shooting only with a camera

2. We focus on sustainable practices for you to travel sustainably

As passionate advocates for our planet, there are various avenues to explore in order to substantiate our footprint and minimise our negative impact.

Firstly, we’re vegan. Both Karen and Paul went vegan 4 years ago, understanding that what we consume is a significant way to reduce our abuse of animals, reduce our intake of foods sourced from dwindling marine life, reduce our support for habitat loss for animal feed that directly affects climate change, help tackle plastic and ocean pollution and overall limit our footprint on our planet.

Secondly, our experience and understanding of the travel industry and the products we offer, helps us define and only offer safari camps that are low impact, often solar powered (including electric vehicles that are expanding throughout Africa), utilise excellent grey waste practices, offer vegan alternative menus, make use of organic produce, eliminate plastic and importantly help support local people through employment and investment through shared partnerships.

Lastly, utilising our experience in conservation to understand how your travel can directly contribute towards saving species. From park fees that support rangers, to community projects supported by the safari camps we offer – your travel directly helps so many initiatives.

Don’t be deceived by companies who claim to be sustainable, only to still contribute to practices you may disagree with.

Solar energy is being implemented more and more in Africa (© Mombo Camp, Botswana)

3. We support conservation and humanitarian efforts

We’ve created our Better World Contribution to specifically “give back” to three key charities close to our heart: Mara Elephant Project (Kenya), Operation Hunger (South Africa) and The Mercury Phoenix Trust (Worldwide). $30 per person is added to every booking we receive and this is distributed to these three amazing charities. Better Safaris also contribute further, as and when we can.

Karen and Paul continuously advocate for conservation and humanitarian efforts, whether it be petitions, protests, letters, emails and direct action to help protect our planet, people and animals. Helping our partners and striving for a better world is at the centre of what we do as a company and we encourage other companies to follow our example.

Your safari directly benefits conservation efforts (© Mara Elephant Project)

Plan today for 2022

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