5 Alternative Safaris To Try In 2022

Taking you off the beaten track…

Now is your chance to try something new, refreshing and adventurous. Get out of your comfort zone, or simply settle straight into your domain.

Whatever your fancy, you’ll be assured of an action-packed experience in Africa, a safari of your dreams. With so many experiences available in Africa, it can be a common misconception that a safari is solely a vehicle-based game drives to view animals. A safari is much more than that – think about the “gazillion” animals on view, the beautiful people, the landscapes, rivers and subsequent activities on offer that invite you in to discover them.

Here we provide you with a glimpse into life on safari and what is available to travellers; from gentle waters, to thrilling aerial extravaganza’s. You don’t want to avoid these options when planning your next safari with Better Safaris

Paddle the mighty Zambezi River during a stay at Chongwe Camp

Mixing activities on safari isn’t just for the sake of it, exploring the terrain is a fantastic opportunity to view various wildlife from all angles. Imagine paddling along and coming across a magnificent elephant drinking at the waters’ edge, or gaining unobstructed views as a beautiful Kingfisher bird flies-in to catch a meal? Opening up our perspectives allows one to gain new appreciations of animal life and a deeper appreciation of nature around us.

Dotted along the riverbank, Time + Tide Chongwe is set at the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers in Lower Zambezi National Park (Zambia) which wind through the forested valley, creating a haven for wildlife like lions, leopards, wild dog and excellent birding.

Don’t worry, there’s no “white water” here, just a gentle, yet thrilling paddle 🛶

Cycle safari through Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana

For travellers looking for unique experiences, Mashatu is the place to be, with the thrilling opportunity to cycle safari.

Experienced rangers accompany the cyclists as they pedal their way along ancient elephant paths. Cycling amid the “Giants of Mashatu” is an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the mountain bike safaris are tailored to suit the fitness and strength of the riders. Rides are conducted in the early morning and late afternoon.

Located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of Botswana which is situated between the Tuli Safari Area, a national park in Zimbabwe and the Mapungubwe National Park, a World Heritage Site in South Africa. Mashatu shares unfenced borders with both the South African and Zimbabwean national parks in the south and north respectively. This vast area forms part of a cross boundary wildlife conservation area protecting the substantial biodiversity of fauna and flora in this region.

No matter your fitness level, this will leave a lasting impression 🚴

Escape life and visit the Himba people of Namibia

A treasure trove destination, where few tourists visit, the Kaokoveld region of Namibia is an earthly paradise. In this isolated area, the Himba people continue their traditional semi-nomadic way of life and, when they are in the area, guests at Serra Cafema Camp have an opportunity to learn about their lifestyle and customs.

Serra Cafema’s home is in Namibia’s Kaokoveld, more specifically in the 300 000-hectare Marienfluss Conservancy, owned primarily by the Himba, and a model of ecotourism. Serra Cafema is one of the most remote camps in southern Africa. Guests can truly disconnect, unwinding to the sound of rushing water, and beyond, to the desert’s silence.

Escape into Namibia’s silent and culturally rich environment 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻

Cruise along the Chobe River on board the Zambezi Queen

Sailing on the famed Chobe River, Zambezi Queen is a luxury safari-boat taking wildlife viewing to an alternative universe.

A stay on-board Zambezi Queen is a different kind of safari. It’s the kind where you get to decide if you want to be up with the birds, or prefer to laze all morning watching game from the comfort of your bed. Offering luxury accommodation so you can soak up the revitalising Chobe River breeze and appreciate uninterrupted views of the unique African landscape beyond. Each day, you’ll venture out by the Zambezi Queen’s tender boat to get up close and personal with huge herds of elephant, buffalo, lion, crocodile, zebra and more that are drawn to the water. You’ll also see a huge variety of birdlife and plant life as you breathe in African air around you.

As cruising goes, this is the life 🚢

Bi-Plane over the Kenyan wilderness at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Have you ever watched the movie “Out of Africa” and thought – I wish I could have experienced that?

Well, now you can, with Lewa Wilderness’ yellow and black Waco Bi-Plane, the only company in East Africa to offer classic bi-plane scenic flights. Wrapped up warmly, scarf around your neck, and a sparkle in your eye, you will be ready to jump into a nostalgic flying adventure that can only really be lived once – in this time and place! For 30 minutes of your life the roar of the radial engine, the wind on your face, and the elephant, giraffe, buffalo and antelope below you will leave you thinking that you have stepped back in time to 1930’s East Africa.

Lewa Wilderness is situated on 65,000 acres of pristine Kenyan wilderness and is renowned for having one of the strongest populations of white and black rhinoceros in Kenya, amongst a number of other pioneering conservation initiatives that guests are supporting with each visit.

An idyllic safari with a thrill 🛩️

Visit Africa in 2022

Plan your trip today with Better Safaris, choose a unique adventure such as the above, or alternatively view our safaris and special offers on our website. Let’s talk about that dream trip to Africa, we’re always open to hear from you #OurSafarisAreBetter

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