Safari: A Vegan Paradise

Possibly the best vegan travel experience in the world!

As vegans, Better Safaris understand that familiar questions which we all have when travelling, whether to a local town or to the opposite ends of the world. Can I eat vegan here? The answer isn’t only an emphatic YES, but it’s quite possibly the easiest, most gratifying food experience you will have ever enjoyed.

Safari camps and lodges across Africa play a crucial role in the sustainability of travel (and life). We’re seeing more and more responsible practices put in place at wildlife destinations; such as plastic bans, reusable bottle use, recycling, upcycling, solar energy use, effective grey waste management and support for community & conservation projects. In fact, our safaris only take our customers to areas where such practices are in place – making our safaris sustainable and ethical (and fantastic!)

We’ve researched hundreds of safari camps across Africa and all of them either offers vegan alternatives, can create vegan specific menu items or have a dedicated vegan menu – some even have vegan chefs!

Putting Sustainability First

Safaris are far more flexible when it comes to food choices. Safari camps and lodges are like 5* hotels, but better – better service, better atmosphere and a friendly/homely warm spirit that hotels simply don’t offer. The first thing to note is that travellers simply need to express that they are vegan and the passionate chefs and camps will create some delicious vegan food and treats. Secondly, we’re seeing more safari camps offering set vegan menu’s and employing vegan Chef’s to help create further sustainable practices within their camp. This is a huge improvement on days-gone-by, when no vegan options at all were available.

How often have we all seen that when travelling? No menu option but for a pitiful looking salad, and without any dressing? It’s not as if veganism and even vegetarianism hasn’t been around for millennia.

In fact, history and evidence has noted that even ancient diets for Greek Gladiators primarily consisted of vegetarian/vegan foods and famed Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci acknowledged this himself and was professed to be against the consumption or exploitation of animals. So it’s important for everyone to assess and acknowledge how they live and what impact they have on our planet, for other people and towards nature.

Vegan Menu’s and Planet Benefits

The availability of delicious ingredients that are both locally sourced and grown, but of benefit to the planet, is a sure sign that veganism can and does have a positive effect on us as people and the planet as a whole. Sourcing our food from sustainable practices helps nourish the land and creates vital jobs for local people and industry in the process. Paving the way for veganism as a leading environmental ethos for change.

The 🐘 in the room is meat, dairy and fish.

At Better Safaris, we believe these industries (this does not including native people who rely on the land for sustenance) have done irreversible damage to our environment, and to how we perceive and treat animals and how we inflict untold damage to ecosystems. We have simply over-consumed, over-farmed, overfished and spared no thought about the consequences.

Travel of course, has also been severely abused as an entity; we have taken the easy and cheap availability in this “modern age” of flights, cars and other transport and manifested travel into a reprehensible industry that we must also address. As a travel business, Better Safaris understands our role in this industry and do all we can to promote (and action) sustainable tourism practices – but we’ll save that for another focussed blog on the matter.

Better Safaris, aside from taking various personal steps in our lives, are signatories on the Glasgow Declaration and Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, click here to view our commitment.

Let’s go on safari and enjoy some delicious food 😋

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