Safari During Covid? A big YES!

What to expect when travelling during Covid-19

It seems as if the world has been on pause for 18 months, but with countries re-opening to travellers and Covid-19 restrictions easing, we have some welcomed sunsets on the horizon – making 2022 the year for your bucketlist dream trip to Africa.

The basics – we all wish to be safe, we want to understand the risk and act accordingly. Better Safaris know more than anyone else, both the impact of the pandemic on our tourism industry and how safe going on safari actually is. We don’t send you anywhere, we wouldn’t go ourselves.

What you’ll need – in general, most African countries request a Negative PCR Covid Test Certificate to permit entry, and this certificate must be dated within 72-96 hours from entry into that country. Our team will confirm the exact entry requirements upon enquiry for your safari.

At present, there are calls from many tourism and governmental leaders around the world, to scrap the requirement for travellers to obtain a PCR Test Certificate, but until those measures begin to take shape, the above entry requirements remain in place. We recommend that all travellers check with their local government agency before booking travel.

Recent updates;


Nature is a great healer and no truer word was ever said, than during such times when we all need space and to get away from it all, than heading on safari to some of the most wide-open space on the planet.


Airlines, taxi’s and all travel-related businesses are taking necessary precautions to ensure your safety. The same applies to safari camps in Africa, who have since mid-2020, applied excellent measures to manage the risk to guests. It’s safe to say that a safari is possibly the safest form of travel.

Some of the steps taken by safari camps, include;

  • Regular staff and guide briefing on covid-related procedures
  • Increased frequency of cleaning & sanitising of main guest public areas
  • Each guest room has a dedicated housekeeper
  • Sanitised game drive vehicles, before/after game drives
  • Mask use by all safari camp staff and guests (in public areas), including dining servers
  • Guests and staff are encouraged to reduce their personal contact
  • Camp check-in procedure is done with no inter-person contact
  • Meal times are outdoors (weather permitting) and game drive picnics are encouraged (and excellent)
  • Travellers are recommended to carry their own refillable water bottle
  • Safari camp staff and local airline/transfer crew are fully vaccinated (vaccination rate is increasing daily)
  • Covid testing (including PCR tests) available to guests, either in-camp (additional cost) or at local clinics

Nothing beats passionate people and that passion has gone into caring for travellers heading on safari, from camp staff, to airline crew and of course, ourselves at Better Safaris. Livelihoods depend on tourism, through job creation, economic benefits for local communities and funding for wildlife conservation.

Travel is a win-win when it’s done safely and responsibly. We’re all for it!

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